Cavalcade of the Rails!

I thought I’d better do another blog entry or I’ll just forget about it and wake up six months later and wonder whatever happened to that blog thing?

I’m really enjoying this new hobby. I’m talking about watching Youtube. Surely, Youtube is the future of television, and anybody that can’t see that is probably a stupid, immoral and probably Satan-possessed Comcast executive.

Oh wait…

So I was going to write an essay entitled “The Best Sandwich I Ever Ate” but I wonder if that’s really a good idea. Tell me in the comments if the sandwich thing is your thing, and if I get a vote for sandwich I’ll write it up. It’s pretty good story.

I’m steadily losing readers (which is good) but you never know… one or two sandwich essays and ZOOM! You can f*ck up and become popular.

I’ve been putting LED headlights in the collection of antique toy trains.

This is Buzz. Say hello to Buzz. I SAID, SAY HELLO (I can see you, you know).

I painted the interior of the windows black. This stopped the “light bleed” or whatever it’s called. The hull number placards were inked using a Pentel ultra-fine-point pen, avoiding the number parts.

I’m being dragged in the Santa Fe railroad against my will.

I’m considering putting up a new layout, replacing the New York skyline with the Grand Canyon. Then I can switch back and forth between New York and The Grand Canyon like a true brujo.

All the locos have boo-coo lights now G.I.


Backwards on this guy. Doesn’t have a name yet. I’m thinking of “Cole.”

The venerable U-28C from Minitrix. Derails like a mutha-funner. Her name is now Beyonce’.

(The hull number score boards don’t match up with the side numbers. Wha’?)

But Lil’ Growly…

I don’t claim to be no messiah or nuthin’ but I can’t get this one to work. Believe it or not, it’s a mechanical problem with the front truck and not my wacky electrical work. Seriously, all that stuff just can’t fit in that tiny space without making it impossible for the front truck to rotate. So, it’s on hold for now.

‘Til after the election.

It’s a Phillips 66 tank farm, so…

I bought a Minitrix F7 for parts and here they are.

I had A LOT of cleaning to do with pure isopropyl alcohol but now I can see that this particular loco ain’t gonna go no mo’. I just wonder what horrbile things we done to poor little Beyonce’ here.

Oh wait, there’s already a Beyonce’. My bad.

I found some very dense “memory foam” stuff in my toolbox so I cut it up and used it to sound-proof the shells for the noisy Minitrix F7’s.

It helps a little, when the cold gets in muh bones…

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