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My recent efforts to write some entertaining fiction and post it up over at Kindle Vella has been a mixed bag. Some parts are edible. I’ll leave it at that.

Meanwhile, I’ve been watching those boys over at Suspicious Observers and following the daily frustrations of a “rogue” scientist and his merry band of trouble-makers.


I’m thinking that it might be worth my while to just vent on topics of interest and see where we end up. I’ll keep on writing my story, but right now that seems like pretty puny potatoes compared to the larger issue of whale embarrassment. And other stuff.

I have a copy of the very first Encyclopedia Britannica from the year 1768. It’s available online but today I’m not linking anything. You want it, you Google it.

Anyway, there is an article in the 1768 copy of one of the very first encyclopedias on the subject of “aether” and it’s a hum-dinger. They HATED the idea of an “aether” that fills all of space and the language they used back then was VERY similar to language they use now. Hate hate hate.


The standard shit you learn in high school tells you that the whole “aether” thing was very popular and loved by all until 1905 (one hundred and thirty-seven years after the Britannica article) when Einstein convinced EVERYBODY that the aether didn’t exist.

So, um, what was going on with that article back in 1768? Well, I do believe that it was NEWTON who didn’t like the aether theory and explained that it was junk. He also believed that light consisted of little particles. Newton died in 1727. So the main guy who “disproved” the aether was dead for forty years when the Encyclopedia Britannica explained that the “aether” was a bunch of nonsense, probably dreamed up by fat Frenchmen, and they hated it. Also, Newton explained that light was particles.

So along comes Einstein and proves that Newton was right, and then Newton just goes away and in school you get a version of reality that is all mangled.


Why when there are so many people now who embrace “aether theories” and the fact is that it’s pretty hard to avoid ideas that are similar to “aether theories” because, after all, Einstein said that the General Theory of Relativity was an aether theory.

Albert Einstein said: ‚ÄúRecapitulating, we may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an aether.”

Also, Einstein speculated that light was made up of little particles, and they gave him a Nobel Prize before he could get his hat. No prize for the General Theory of Relativity. No prize for that. But one word that agreed with Newton and it’s “here’s your million bucks, dude!”

Then Einstein spent the REST OF HIS LIFE trying to prove that light IS NOT made up of particles.

But we don’t get told this. We get told that Einstein disproved the “aether theories” and founded quantum physics and that’s that.



Why does everything on the planet smell of fish? Covid. The war in Afghanistan. The election process. Physics. Everything is fishy.

Why this ocean of lies?

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    1. Boo boo ditty daddy wattum choo…
      Boo boo ditty daddy wattum choo…
      Boo boo ditty daddy wattum choo…

      …an’ dey fam an’ dey fam ri’ dover da dam.


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