Do I Have to Do Everything Around Here?

I don’t use masking tape for two reasons: 1) It leaves a raised line at the edge, and 2) it pulls up acrylic paint.

So I learned not to use it.

BUT!! I AM open to learning new things. Today, I watched this video from the talented Robin Sealark. In it, she explains that one may have better luck using masking tape on paper if…


I repeat. Hit the masking tape with a hair dryer to “soften” the adhesive and you should find it easier to remove the tape without pulling up the paper (or paint).

I should have thought of this years ago. I use a heat gun to remove labels from UPS boxes, so using a hair dryer to heat up masking tape to make it easier to remove sounds like an obvious corollary– but it never occurred to me.

Oh well. All I can do is request that the next time you reply to somebody on a forum and tell them to use a hair dryer to loosen up the masking tape, you credit Ms. Sealark– and this blog.

Otherwise I send my pet vulture to peck your eyes out.

3 Replies to “Do I Have to Do Everything Around Here?”

  1. Give it a try. I am suspicious that it won’t work with paint (paint being plastic after all) and will instead make the tape stick to the paint even more, but what do I know?

    I would be happy to be wrong in this case, even though I usually don’t get issues with tape pulling paint off if you wait a day for it to dry first.

    It seems like you are doing a re-evaluation of new (and old) techniques, and seeing if things really do or don’t work. First the Matt on Gloss test, and now this. You did give that airbrush away before, didn’t you Dan? 😉

  2. As for the tape issue, l just apply tape to my jeans once or twice, reduces stiction nicely. Plus my dog believes hair dryers are infernal machines and attack with bared teeth. Good Dog.

  3. As you probably know but most folks don’t. Invasion stripes we’re often applied the night before. Every unit didn’t have a spray rig, stripes we’re painted with brushes, brooms, etc.

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