Episode 5: The Flying Gravedigger

Now it’s only fair to ask where I get these ideas, and the answer I’ll give, just like any other writer who tells the truth, is that I don’t know. It just “comes.” I’m writing about real people, which is always “sketchy” (I’m waiting for my first hate mail) but I’m hoping that everybody can see that I’m trying to tell a difficult story in an entertaining way.

It might be fun to just tell the story “straight” with a cooked-up romance, as is so often done, but I hate mush and I’ll just goof that up anyway. This is a war story. I’m also a fan of “mercenary” stories and they are mighty thin on the ground these days.

So, I write what I enjoy, and assume that there are other people, out there, who will enjoy it too. If not, well, tough fish and chips.

As an experiment in fiction writing, “Lion Squadron” is what I want it to be. I’m hitting the right tropes in the right way, as well as I can, and I’m trying to avoid doing anything really dumb. We’ll see.

Anyhow, or anyway, depending on where you are from, here’s a link:

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