Green Sleeves: P-47N Part 3

Oh yeah. Here’s where we start to get unprofessional.

Yeah, that’s right. Maybe I DO wanna be a french fry! So the parts are painted in a color that looks much brighter when photographed (Yeah I SAID it looks brighter when photographed). My goal here is to not mess up the cockpit by trying too hard. You just need some green and some black and some drybrushing with my new best friend, Vallejo Metal Color, and then you glue it all together and nobody looks in there anyway.

Did I mention the red dots? I’ll add a few red dots to indicate various “do not touch” objects in the cockpit and we’re good to go. It’ll look good.

What I want to mention now is a really cool product that comes in very handy in model building. I’m talking about

Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue. It’s dumb name but the glue is amazing. This stuff never becomes “not sticky” it is sticky, dries sticky and remains sticky. But it’s flexible so that you can attach something, then change your mind and remove it, and then stick it back on or twist it into a better position or whatever. It’s a handy little tool to have in the box when you want to attach something but you don’t want it to be anchored in stone. Mostly I use it for canopies and “removable” bits. Also works for internal cockpit stuff that may or may not fit when the fuselage halves are joined.

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