Model Art

Here are some links to some very interesting sites.


This site is mostly about a movie about the artist Mark Hogancamp. If you haven’t seem the movie, then get off your dead ass and see it now. Report back if you feel anything uncomfortable.

David Levinthal

Uses miniatures to create photographs. The other two authors I have linked today do the same thing. The “art” isn’t the miniature, it’s the photo of the miniature. And the miniature, too, sort of.

Anyway, it’s about as cool as it gets. Check it out.

Michael Paul Smith.

Again, we have photos of model made to look larger than life. Cool stuff.

4 Replies to “Model Art”

  1. I’m leaving the documentary for the weekend or at least sometime this evening; the other two.
    Making blurred images of miniatures and toys to present as art, well thats not my cup of tea.
    Taking your models working with the photography make it look real on its own pretences I’ll label art.
    I’ll be back! 😀

  2. Seems I have to pay for watching the documentary; I might at some date.
    The model work being all exceptional. If Hogancamp want to show it I’m all eyes. 🙂

    The Flying Plastic is right up my alley; particularly the Dutch Hasegawa Spitfire IX with clipped wings and rounded rudder! 😀 In Danish service the rudders wing tips and exhaust’s were shuffled around like building chips seems the Dutch had a merry time too.

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