If you like Vallejo Model Color do not waste your time trying to tell me that I’m “doing it wrong.” I do not care. I have absolutely no reason to care about Vallejo paint. I have no interest in learning “how to use it” and thereby furthering the cause of good paint usage in the world.

As far as I’m concerned, Vallejo Model Color is sub-par and will remain so forever. It’s a distant fourth to Revell Acryl, Badger Model Flex or Tamiya.

This is not a forum. I have no obligation to hear you out. This isn’t a court. There is no way for a person to come on my blog and argue their case. I do not hear cases.

I am convinced that Vallejo uses forum “shills” to promote their products and create a baffling fog bank of non-stop B.S. about how great it is. This is all just marketing. It’s not real.

So don’t waste your time on my blog. I’m the Guatemalan Death Squad of internet conversation. If you are wearing a Vallejo t-shirt when you are stopped at my roadblock, then you are a marijuana-smuggling communist and stand over here por favor...


Vallejo makes good putty and, or course, Metal Colour. But their online tactics are deplorable.

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