(Not) The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is the name given to the phenomenon of false memory, when it concerns pop culture. The most famous example is the memory many people have of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the eighties, which made it very disconcerting to see him become president of South Africa some years later.

What makes the whole thing interesting is the large number of Youtube videos where the video producers list all the various false memories that people have claimed to have, with the most popular probably being the mysterious name change of the Berenstain Bears and the incredible disappearance of all copies of the movie “Shazam” starring Sinbad as a genie of some kind.

But the whole thing about “The Mandela Effect” is that nobody has a “before” photo of Sinbad as Shazam, or of Mandela’s funeral, or even a Berenstain Bears book bearing the name Berenstein.

Until now.

As part of my ongoing efforts to prove to somebody that I am not a complete flake but do, in fact, sleep walk during which times I do good works and help people– I continue my research in model paints and associated hardware.

I even test theories long thought to be good and true. Like, for example, my long-held belief, backed by tons of memories filed right between “Mandela Funeral” and “Bears, Berenstein”–that flat-finish paint CANNOT be brushed over glossy paint. I believed this because:

Note crackled, crinkled blue paint.


Red is cracklin’–just a little.

Painting flat over gloss was one of my articles of faith. In a bad way. “Flat over gloss” meant “you’re not gonna have a good time.”

So imagine my surprise when Nelson Mandela walked up and shook my hand.


This is MM Acryl gray and green over MM Acryl HIGH GLOSS INTERNATIONAL ORANGE.

What the hell?

Welcome, to The World of the Real. I was flashing on red pills and rabbit holes when I brushed some fresh orange paint, let it dry, then did the test again.

Nah, man. No way.

Okay…okay…just breathe normally. CALM DOWN!!

Maybe it’s just MM Acryl. Let’s brush over the gloss paint with Revell Aqua Color.

The green. The green isn’t cracklin’.

Let’s try it over some Future. That’s where I got into trouble with the Harrier. Sure, this will crackle-up like it should…

Revell flat paint over glossy Future.

How about Tamiya high-gloss? What about that, man? YOU CAN’T KILL ME! I’M SICK!!

MM Acryl over Tamiya gloss yellow.

No no no no no no…


Okay. Calm down. I gave Xtracrylix a lousy review because I


that flat paint would crackle up. So let’s get something painted with Xtracrylix and see how much crow I’m going to have to eat.

It’s all over. Just ask any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them, one at a time.

Damn. Do I look like an asshole or what?

I didn’t try every single combination of gloss and flat paint… but at this point, does it really matter? Something has changed in the Matrix and I have to go back and change that Xtracrylix review, and maybe send a Harry and David fruit basket to Xtracrylix for besmirching them on a public blog so they’ll keep sending me free samples.

Oh, wait….

2 Replies to “(Not) The Mandela Effect”

  1. Interesting.
    Why did I try paint that A-5 Vigilante Life Color Gull Gray flat onto gloss MM or the Life Color Aircraft Blue onto Tamiya gloss white. Or maybe I just have to have another go..

  2. I love that handsome vigilante, best looking USN attack plane ever. Okay I may be a slave to sexy lines, but not a galley rower for the many Ortho minds ruled by the mighty emperor of boys with kits, Styroid.

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