I’m a hypocrite. You all know this already but for me it’s been a struggle and a trial to finally realize that I’m a big fat (censored) when it comes to one particular aspect of “le plastique moderne” as nobody in France says.

I’m a hypocrite when I promote being open-minded and willing to fail on one hand, and then, in a feat of psychological dexterity that rivals the world’s best– I run under the porch at the sight of an innocent, harmless little fret of photo-etch.

The thing that caused me to have to face up to my silly lack of courage or consistency was the new Mirage IIICJ from our friends at Modelsvit. I’m not sure how to pronounce their name, but I’m reasonable sure that Ukraine is not a brothel, based on something I saw on Netflix.

So, this kit from THE Ukraine (I’m getting tired of countries that call themselves “the” something. “The” United States, for example. Why not just United States? Well?)

This kit comes with a fret of photo-etch and not since a murder of crows has an innocent little noun grown so very large in usage. “Fret” is so apropos that I learned how to spell “apropos” just for the occasion.

But, it’s just cranky old coot behavior to reject something because it’s new and difficult. I can’t keep doing this unless I intend to lower myself fully into the steaming hot bath of agedness and give up on life, never being able to lift myself out of the tub of geezer-hood again.

Learning to use photo-etch is tricky– in fact it’s a whole ‘nuther hobby, really. Anyone who posts a silly review where they “drool” (damn how I hate that expression) over some photo-etch deserves the particularly hot space in Satan’s bum where they will surely reside for many centuries until an innocent babe utters the magic words that set them free.

But I digress.

I won’t learn this overnight. I will goof it up. I will fail. It will require work and time and energy and effort.

It will require PATIENCE.

But in the end, the dragon will be slain, that girl from DRAGONSLAYER will be saved, and we’ll ride off on that magical horse.

2 Replies to “Photo-Etch”

  1. That’s something I should eventually learn myself. It will be interesting to read about your upcoming adventures. Go slay that dragon with glittering photo-etched teeth!

  2. I have some beautiful photo etch enhanced kits waiting for my nerves to calm down
    from a year of physical and mental trauma, much self induced, lots of it from Singularity
    PTSD. Photo-etch is beautiful, I’m a sucker for that kind of beauty. It’s a lot like learning to be a Jeweler, taking the time and patience to behave skillfully, To actually think about this and expect to succeed. I’m just recovering from my covid booster, scared me a bit. BUT.. as I did after the first shots, I feel better than I have in a while. God bless science.

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