Rivet Counting, Part II

A single word may have two meanings. “Rivet Counting” may mean being overly critical of a plastic model kit, but it may also mean being overly critical of the finished model.

That’s a big difference.

In the first case, we have what I would call a reasonable expectation of quality sometimes frustrated by the wily maneuverings of plastic kit makers engaged in the pursuit of filthy lucre. In the second case, we have a rude maffer nacker.

A guy who can’t keep his yap shut.

Let’s go over that again. It’s fine to hammer the lost Chinese tribe of Trumpeter about their failure to mold this or that correctly–as long as the kit is still devoid of life and residing peacefully in its box.

It’s damnable to point out the SAME ERROR after the kit has been built.

Am I making that clear enough? Is my mic on? You should NEVER publicly criticize another person’s model. Kit, yes. Model, no.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. whether you’re a modeler in a forum with two beers in him or a manager at McDonald’s or an assistant to The Donald: PRAISE IN PUBLIC, CRITICIZE IN PRIVATE.

No, absolutely no “higher” justification can override this fundamental rule of civil behavior. I don’t care about your freedom or dignity. You never, ever just blurt out that Mrs. Cunnigham looks like Shreck unless you are an ass or a little kid–and you better be pretty little.

If you are Mrs. Cunningham’s very, very best friend, you can, diplomatically, suggest a different look, and refer to Shreck (if you ever do) only after Mrs. C. is feeling good, has had a few beers herself and is accepting your advice and willing to entertain a good laugh at her own expense. No–better yet, never bring up the Shreck thing.

Here’s how it should go down. Once you PM the dude about his incorrect wheel hubs or badly placed insignia or kangaroos that don’t jump in the right direction (RAAF models) THEN you can discuss how to make this public. Miss Manners would absolutely CROAK if she suspected that you were such a low-life that you would dump criticism on an unsuspecting fellow modeler who has posted a photo of his latest creation.

Don’t do that stuff, man. Just don’t.

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