The Army Painter: White Power

I’ve updated my review of The Army Painter Warpaint (c’mon guys, shorten the name) to reflect something that I neglected to mention.

The matt white covers like it was medium sea grey.

I’m not kidding. Most white paint for models is awful. I assumed that this would always be the case. But the demise of Testors and the rise of the airbrush anti-christ has spurred me to take a look where I never looked before.

This paint does white. It does it well. It does it very well. From now on, I need fear no U.S. Navy camo. White, thy ass is kicked.

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  1. Great review! Thanks for posting. Yesterday went to our little downtown to pick up lunch and noticed a new gaming store opened. Went inside and got a new board game for the kids but first thing I noticed was a big Army Painter rack in the back. Grabbed a bottle of white, silver and spaceship grey to try out. Nice thing is they’re 10 mins away. Eager to try these out now. Did you thin at all or just brush straight from the bottle? On a side note….they had a bargain bucket full of Vallejo, 3 for $5. Apparently they think it sucks as well!

    1. Ah yes. Another thing I forgot to include in my review.

      Let’s see… I need to point out that, in this case, as in the case of Revell Aqua, it may not be a good idea to thin the paint. I know it’s very thick, but it’s not like our beloved ammonia paint. It seems to be based on a different paradigm.

      I’m still in the early stages of experimentation, and until I do more research I don’t know if I’ll have a treatment for Covid, let alone a cure…

      Oh wait a minute. That was something else I was working on. Never mind.

      Getting back to paint. I might get some “stiffer” brushes (maybe??) but with what I have now I just SMEAR this stuff on with a will. Paint it on like I was a four-year-old. It dries rock hard in about two minutes and the brushmarks ARE GONE. Also, the white covers like RAF Dark Earth on Battle of Britain Day.

      But more research is needed. For example, what if I want to paint a canopy or some trim? What changes to I need to make in my technique? Do I need to adopt a French accent? Will I need a nude model?

      These are serious questions, monsieur.

      1. You weren’t kidding when you mentioned this stuff was thick! I tried the silver today on some P-51 wheels…it leveled quite nicely with no brush marks! Reminded me of the old Polly S (not Polly Scale) the one with a parrot on the jar! That silver leveled out nicely on stuff like this. Going to have to try this next weekend on some larger surfaces.

      2. I have a bunch of Revell to try, will report when I’m able to work again. One eye (Mine) not so good but getting better by the month. Also spent 4 days in hospital due to inflamed back nerves, getting better by the day and prednisone pill.

        If you adopt a French Accent your colors will improve. I’m good…. great grandpa Toussant was born in Wayne MI as his mom got off the boat in 1883.

        Keep the great posts coming, they make my days.

  2. I should clarify, I do actually have two eyes. I dunno, would one big (centered) eye be better, guess not, no depth perception, no wonder those ogres always lose.

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