The Cars (Not the Band!)

I compared the cars from the fifty-year-old Revell (Arnold) trainset with the cars from the fifty-year-old Aurora (Trix) trainset.

At fist glance, they seem very similar indeed.

Asco Milk? Rule One: Avoid “Ass”

Very similar. But the Revell/ Arnold cars had plenty of frisky lettering and big, bold images. The Aurora/Trix cars, not so much. So I guess Revell gets a point for “finish.” Especially with this little beauty on display:

Hottest brand going…

But there was a problem. Surprisingly (considering the Arnold invented the Rapido Coupler) the couplers on the Revell cars were inferior to the Aurora cars. The Aurora cars had an easy-to-replace installation where a cover was snapped into place to hold the coupler together. The Revell coupler had to be smashed into position, and then the spring be all hanging out and sh*t. Not good. Both Revell cars, veterans of many long play sessions, had “sprung” springs on the couplers.

So Aurora wins a point on the coupler issue.

So, do we have another tie? No. Not quite.

Because cabooses.

The Revell monstrosity is on the left and above.

I’m not going to judge the caboose separately. It’s a “car” as far as I’m concerned– and the Revell/Arnold caboose is just crap. Not pretty and not fancy.

Score one for Aurora/Trix.

And on such things are hockey dynasties built. A chance banging of a caboose and waa-laa, Lord Stanley’s Cup is engraved with your name.

The winner of this round is Aurora/Trix. By a caboose.

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