The Last Roundup

Steam broke my Medieval Total War installation and I’m not sure I’m going to fix it. Soon.

I’ve mentioned my wargaming on here before, and I mentioned that I really don’t have time for hundred-page rulebooks and endless rules-lawyer arguments. I just play games on the puter. And the greatest of these, in the eyes of the Czar, was Medieval Total War Gold.

But even the goldest version of MTW sucked in some critical ways. The AI was left to squish its own pudu because Creative Assembly couldn’t invest twenty years of work into developing this game into something trans-splendant. But some people, including me, did have twenty years to spend making a transplendant MTW.

But, all things must pass. You wait, and that valuable earring comes out of your dog and you clean it up and call it good. Similarly, Microsoft releases new and better versions of Windows and Steam, God Bless Them, have to work like scalded ‘panzees to make old games go in the latest incarnation.

But getting the vanilla version of MTW, with the brain-dead AI and other issues, is bound to kill the modded versions, sooner or later.

Well now is later.

I’m grieving this a little hard because I just saw Ready Player One on Amazon Prime. Hackers and modders and fanboys make software work when others can’t, but we can’t just spit in the eye of Microsoft or Apple or Google forever. Sooner or later, you lose your shit.

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