The Mad Hatter Project

It’s me again.

I’m experimenting with paint. I have several test programs in progress. The primary test subjects are Golden’s So Flat water-based acrylic paint and everybody’s favorite paint thinner, Windex window cleaner with (wait for it) AMMONIA D! Not A, B, or C! D as in DENNIS! D as in DELTA!


This is the lineup of recent test.

The first test was to see if I could use Golden So Flat (only) to mix up a paint to match Israel’s tan paint used on airplanes like the Mirage IIIC during the Yom Kippur war and the War of Attrition with Egypt.

It worked pretty well. I combined a lot of white, some drops of black india ink, red and yellow paint. Then I added water (only) for thinning.

The next test is to see is Windex works as a thinner. I know I’m a thinner. I have thinned and thinned and NEED TO BE FORGIVEN!

This is Golden Purple paint thinned 50/50 with WINDEX. I tried it on an old Airfix stand…

IF this paint fails, or goes sticky, or lumpy, or fizzy or any other nicknames from the old Brooklyn neighborhood, YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. I have been informed (by searching the internet like a hungry badger) that Windex WILL RUIN PAINT. Well, boys, here we are. If this shit ruins paint, let’s ruin some paint.

Or not. This whole “Windex ruins paint” thing could be bullshit.

Finally, here is some Model Master Acryl that was supposed to be FS 34102. I mixed up some Golden So Flat BLACK and YELLOW with a drop of RED and I got a color that looked pretty good. I THEN thinned it with WINDEX. I THEN mixed it up with half a bottle of Model Master Acryl FS 34102. Yes, I mixed the Golden paint with Testors and we’ll see what happens.

DO NOT post a comment asking for exact color formulae or recipes BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE THEM, smartass. This is supposed to be about testing the basic chemistry, and so far, it looks good. If anything goes wrong, I will tell you.

Dancho, out! Comin’ in for a landing on 2-4 Big Puppy! I’m driftin’! I’M DRIFTIN’! I SPILLED MY DRINK!….

I always liked those corny “coming in for a landing” sign-offs that aviation writers would use. So, uh…I forgot what I was gonna say.

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