Why Does My Blog Look Different?

All the time.

Why do I insist on messing with it?

Well– it’s to learn. I need to learn what I’m doing with WordPress and this is the only way I can figure to learn it. It’s tedious. I was ranting a while back about how WordPress is under the “control” of coders who don’t give a crap. They just want to see their neat thing on the web.

The latest update broke all kinds of stuff. If I were TOTALLY conservative and never did anything new, then nothing would change and I wouldn’t need to learn how to fix stuff. But IF I change things– then watch out.

Look at this page. Look at the “front page” of this blog. It’s all goofy right now. That’s because I refuse to be intimidated and I change stuff anyway. But when I do, the “new and improved” WordPress fouls up my plan because MAJOR stuff has been changed and no warning is given– nada. Zip.

I suppose the “no warning changes” are just part of the “it’s free so lump it” mentality. The programmers figure that we owe them money, but we’re not paying it, so they can just take out their payment in our suffering.

Is that twisted, or what?

I’d really appreciate it if WordPress could be taken over by a fascist regime that runs it like the Swiss Army and stops trying to copulate with me at every bus stop.

I’m not kidding.

It would be bad for children and other living things, but I wouldn’t have to re-learn how to do everything just because some child at WordPress decided that it would be “easier for newbies” if THAT was now called THIS and UP was now DOWN and the STUFF was removed and replaced by WHAT YOU ADDED and if you didn’t add anything then your STUFF page is suddenly blank.

Where’s my stuff go?

It’s now “legacy stuff” and you don’t need it.

Siri. Get my coat. AND CALL ME SIR!

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