Youtube Channel: Cool Hard Logic

Here’s a link to a Youtube channel that you should not visit if you are at work or any other reasonably civilized place.

Cool Hard Logic

I ran into this site after watching a very interesting (but probably completely fictitious) little documentary about ancient Atlantis. I found that Youtube had thoughtfully provided a link to a video rebuttal, so I watched that video. Part of it. It had to be one of the most hate-filled, vicious and, frankly, insane videos I have ever seen on Youtube, and that’s saying something. The funny thing is, the video was from a fellow who calls his operation “CHL” for “Cool Hard Logic” and who claims to be a scientist.

The original Atlantis video had been very calm, orderly and ordinary. It was surprisingly well done and I was wondering who would care enough about Atlantis (you know–the ancient island that sank into the sea–Plato wrote about it) to do all that video work. Anyway, I was pondering this when I encountered the rabid crazy video from the CHL guy, also with fairly high production values and containing, actually, less real content than the Atlantis video.

That’s right–I’m saying that the person arguing the stronger case (in favor of science and contrary to “new age” “meta science”) was the person who used non-stop profanity and name calling. So I visited the Youtube channel of CHL to see if maybe this was a one-time crazy thing (hey, we all have off days). The answer was (surprisingly, to me) no. This guy has produced a BUNCH of videos where he tears into the “unscientific” videos on Youtube by attacking the producers with personal insults and profanity.

You may be wondering what this has to do with painting toy airplanes. Well, I’ve gained a tiny sliver of notoriety by being critical of people who do the type of thing on forums and in blogs that CHL does in videos. I’m baffled why someone who, supposedly “knows” they are right and can remain comfortable and secure in that knowledge would want to viciously attack someone for being ignorant or misguided. Surely, the ignorant and misguided, if they were truly evil and motivated by malice, would be the first to resort to personal attacks–but it seems that they aren’t. The “good guys” who claim to defend all that is good and logical are the people who drag it down into the mud. Often, they are the only ones racing to the bottom. The defenders of goodness promote personal attacks–why, I do not know.

I don’t really know anything about CHL, but I can tell him (her? nah) that homeopathy (one of the things he enjoys attacking) may not be science but if he’d shut up and do the experiment he might be surprised by a product that is identified as “homeopathic”–arnica gel. I’ve been using it for twenty five years and arnica gel prevents bruising. It can also instantly stop a hematoma from forming and so, in general, it is effective as a way to control sub-dermal bleeding. It works. It would be a shame if people who are prone to hematomas were to reject the use of arnica gel because of the writings of this one crazed individual.

Hematomas, as you may be aware, are very painful and can be easily healed (using the arnica–pay attention!)

What puzzles me is the HEAT involved here. If I have an opinion that differs from yours–and you attack me in a public place, is that an argument? I’ll answer that–no, it isn’t. It’s an attempt to intimidate OTHER people so they don’t go anywhere near me or try my products. It’s a grandstand move to cause people to avoid me. It’s not an attempt to promote reason or logic, no matter how cool. It’s the methodology of a thug, intended to do harm, mindlessly, in the name of a “cause.”

It’s true on Youtube. It’s true on model forums. It’s always true that if the stronger side attacks, it’s not to teach, it’s to suppress and, eventually, to eradicate. In this case, Cool Hard Logic is not busy being logical or teaching the truth, he is trying to control other people using the tactics of storm troopers. He’s no scientist. In fact, he’s an ideologue. His predecessors were the Spanish Inquisition.

Now, were you expecting that? 


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