An Off Day

I received the Silicon Dioxide and mixed it with Future and the result was not a flat clear finish, but a glossy, gritty finish.

Back to the drawing board!

I also started to paint the pilot for my Bf-109F and I managed to foul that up completely due to impatience. Model building does, in fact, require something other than “showing up.” It requires that you “bring your game” as they say in sports which I know nothing about.

I brought my z-game to the pilot figure and I messed it up so badly I just tossed it and started over with a new little man. I have a bunch of ’em. But I won’t have a bunch of ’em if I keep throwing them away. The take-away from this bit of personal failure was a lesson in what it’s like to end up with a mess instead of what you set out to do.

I had a completely awful pilot for my “in flight” Bf 109 and I had some “clear flat” that was clear but not flat (but it was gritty). I forget (due to the fact that I set myself up to succeed) how it feels to fail.

It feels bad. It feels real bad.

When I glibly poop on about how everybody should change and adopt new techniques and do stuff MY way, I’m being a pompous ass and everybody knows it. Even I know it, and I’m usually not all-knowing or self-aware. But in this case, doing several things at once, I learned what it means to hurt.


Well, the gritty clear paint will certainly do a wonderful job of simulating those “anti skid” panels on the backs of the F-4 Phantoms. The bad pilot went to little guy Hell but he deserved it the bastard. His little brother potato head will now take his position as a stand-in for Alfred Grislawski, everybody’s favorite Nazi killing machine, whom I have managed to honor (inadvertently, perhaps) by building two of his “mounts.”

I have no excuse for this except that Grislawski must have been a bit of a photo buff, his airplanes were nicely decorated with stripes and everything, and he was a nice looking guy.

Can’t deny that.

So I’m trying the Hataka paint on the 109 and so far it’s really excellent. I can’t wait to get the little Frederick up on its little stand so that I can be done with the damn thing and then write my review of this paint and put all this madness behind me.



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