Battle of Palmdale Veteran

Here’s a boxtop from our friends at Atlantis (who bought the old Revell molds when the U.S. company shut down).

Notice, please, that the F-89 painting by Jack Leynnwood is “tilted” down so that the Scorpions appear to be strafing a Russian convoy.

In my version,

…the jets are climbing UP to INTERCEPT godless commie bombers.

Who’s right here? Me, right? I’m right. Interceptors should be climbing UP to kill bad guys, having dumped a plate of ham and eggs and jumped up to answer freedom’s klaxon when the balloon went up.

Should be like mine, not like the “nose down” Atlantis version.

But the fact that Atlantis used the previously under-utilized Leynnwood painting is a good thing. I wonder if they have the original? I thought these were painted for Northrop?



These are not identical paintings! The Atlantis version has a “patch” on the tail and a signature (Leynnwood? I hope?) and “my” version stolen from somewhere is different.

My pithy response to this revelation?


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