Busy! Busy! Busy!

I’ve been turning the condo upside down in eager anticipation of transforming my hobby room into a TELEVSION STUDIO! Yes, I know it’s teensy bit pretentious, but I think that now that I have the official title of “Executive Producer” I can name the pantry any damn thing I please.

So it’s a television studio.

Another chapter of “GRRR” will be up shortly, and we continue to explore the manner in which an ordinary bookkeeper turns into a SUPER HERO. And an ordinary Giant Malamute becomes a SUPER DOG!

I love comics. At last.

2 Replies to “Busy! Busy! Busy!”

  1. Pantry eh?
    An early TV station in chicago had to place their one camera in a closet to get distance to focus on the news desk .

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