Darth Luke

In Return of the Jedi the “hero” Luke Skywalker does not ascend to the kingship and rule over a land, erm, galaxy of peace and prosperity (for now). No, he goes over to the Dark Side. Full stop. He joins the evil forces of darkness, kills off his two rivals (like a bad guy should) but puts a big, happy, phony smile on the whole thing.

… and the reign of Emperor Skywalker will be long and bloody.

Think “Ivan the Terrible.” Tamerlane. Vlad the Impaler.

Like that.

Oh… you don’t think that Luke went over the Dark Side? What movie did you see? After Lucas “forgot” who wrote the original Star Wars, he went right on out and bought himself a brand new set of Satanic Verses– i.e., how a talented but angry, charismatic but conceited, disciplined but cruel former hero can kill the emperor and take over under the guise of being “The Last Jedi” and live happily ever after.

Watch the damn movie. The Emperor says “strike me down and complete your journey to the Dark Side! (or words to that effect).”

So Luke does just exactly that. He completes his journey to the mf’n Dark mf’n Side, mf’ers.

How plain can that be?

In a way, the downward journey of Luke Skywalker is a fitting story to usher in the downfall of the American Empire and the rise of a new class of soulless, heartless, vicious predators who rule us today. The fact that most (all?) Star Wars fans refuse to see this is just beyond bizarre, and indicates that maybe you CAN fool most of the people all of the time.

I mean, I can tell that Lucas INTENDED for the end of Return of the Jedi to be a happy ending… but he didn’t know the story and he fell right into the Satanic trap most boobs like him fall into when they try to write about morality. They confused “good” and “right.” He made Luke do the “right” thing but in doing so he fell into evil, failing to do the good thing.

Want to see how a True King behaves? Check out this video from one of my all-time favorite films, Excalibur (which is the story that Star Wars should have been).

“You’re right”… WORDS TO LIVE BY!

Imagine when Luke said “I will not fight you, father!” that he just didn’t fight him, and Vader turned on the Emperor. It would have been a little late, maybe, but Luke still had the option to escape the Dark Side.

But he don’t. He swings that light sabre like a drunken lumberjack until the emperor has to intervene and break it up. Even then, Luke is viciously biting and scratching.

I mean, damn, dog. Somebody euthanize this cat before he inspires a whole raft of bad movies.

Too late…

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  1. Yes, he felt prey to the dark side, just like his father, and just like his father he had too many attachments and that made him vulnerable, but the story is not his, is about Anakin, is about catholic redemption; even at the last moment an act contrition can redeem you. Through his son, through his son’s pain ( assuming that the dark side is emotionally painful) Vader was redeemed. He was able to rebalance the equation, although momentarily. The new movies failed because they got away from archetypes of heroism, of good, evil, redemption, struggle. The evil one was the Emperor, that was some evil dude always stealing the power of the young.

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