Episode 25: The End of the Tunnel

I want to thank all my loyal readers.

No, seriously. I really do. STOP THAT LAUGHING!!!!!!

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  1. I’m posting here cause I was unable to navigate to Aviation history to post newly.
    Anyhow… I just looked back over the Hurricane build series which I thoroughly enjoyed, specially the Bader accounts
    Hurricanes are a favorite of mine. Would like to recommend a book…. ‘Messerschmitt Roulette’. A true account of an RAF pilot at Tobruk. He had my to wear glasses while flying, a fact he kept concealed, along with his reading of poetry, so as not to offend his Aussie mates who considered Brits to be ‘pommy’ .
    He flew recon mostly, artillery spotting and occasional strafing.
    He was never fearful of 109’s, as he could always out turn them right into the sand. (Can’t dredge up his name.)
    There was another Hurricane pilot I read about who didn’t lament seeing shot up Heinkels escaping back to their airfields. He was a proponent of DeWilde ammo which exploded like huge shrapneling firecrackers in the close quarters of bombers. He reckoned that dazed, wounded, dying and dead crew arriving home were extremely
    demoralizing. With 8 Browning’s sewing away at 1100rpm one could place a lot of discouragement into a Heinkel in quick time. About 500 in about 3 seconds.
    Anyhow I’m starting in on an old Monogram mkii, will do the 40 mm one. Those by way were also employed in SEA with good results against light Jap armor, trucks, troops and small vessels. Used a lot of HE in addition to the AP rounds.

    1. I always enjoy your comments and I particularly enjoy any “first person” real-life memoir about air war. “No Parachute” comes to mind, and without consulting Google I don’t remember the author… but it was a great read. I particularly enjoyed the part about hung-over aircrew puking on the instruments.

  2. There was P-38 pilot on New Guinea who would sit in his cockpit and huff all the oxygen to cure his hangover…. then complain about the leak, thereby snafuing the mission. He really wasn’t wild about slaughtering Zeros .

    1. I have personally done this hangover cure (in an F-16) and I can tell you with no hesitation that IT DOES NOT WORK.

      I’m not proud of this, by the way.

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