Episode 26: The War God

I thought I’d add a few notes about how this story about an imaginary “AVS” (American Volunteer Squadron) in Ethiopia is created.

I just write it.

It probably looks a bit rough, because I do not have an editor nor a proof-reader nor anything else. If’n I had all that shit, I’d be president a’ the United States!

But I don’t have that stuff. I write it in one pass, using yWriter, which I like a lot more than Scrivener, mostly because Scrivener is one of those Apple-centric programs that relies on Apple’s well-known snob appeal, and any snob-appeal that doesn’t appeal TO ME is bad.

Of course, I approve of snob appeal where I’M the snob. Let’s keep one foot on the floor here…

So, anyway, I export the chapter from yWriter and open it in MS Word, then I let the ‘puter read it aloud to me, and I listen for errors, while I read along using the original over in yWriter. This is when I correct errors, fix typos, and/or re-write this or that.

There is no “first draft, second draft” there is just one draft, revised due to the experience of hearing that snotty sounding Microsoft girl read it aloud. I tried listening to the dude voice, but he sounds like he’d rather be in Philadelphia. I’d rather listen to snotty than bored.

Of course, both of these voices are computers, and they are about as real as one of those expensive/creepy “love dolls” that they make in (I think) Japan or someplace. Lately I’ve been wondering when they are going to make a movie about a guy who already is in love with his love doll and then it gains the power of speech and he falls out of love with it and decides he’s better off with his old girlfriend.

What? What did I say?

Anyway, that’s my “process” and if you’re interested in that then send me a whole bunch of money.

What? Isn’t that what 99% of blogs/videos say? Did I do it wrong?

Finally, once I’m happy with the way it sounds from Snotty Dotty the computer c***, I upload the thing to Amazon Kindle Vella and then inform y’all with this global announcement. This process leads to some “continuity errors” such as my current predicament regarding the starter on the Grumman fighter. Is it electrical or a hand-cranked inertial unit? I have both in the story and a sharp eyed observer will notice the mistake as soon as he stops thinking about that Japanese love doll.

Info you: The image of the airplane is an actual Grumman G-23 with a big, supercharged engine. It’s an experimental machine built by Grumman before they changed gears entirely and built the monoplane Wildcat. It looks pretty darned close to what the imaginary G-23L would have looked like, if woodchucks could chuck wood.

Go in peace.

2 Replies to “Episode 26: The War God”

  1. I really like “lit the cigarette greedily.”

    Ahh sweet righteous retribution.

    Are you going to do your own drawings?

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