Episode 6: A Walk in the Rain

Click on the “buy on Amazon” link to get to the story. THEN you can spend your allowance to read it. It’s kinda gory– so you’ve been warned. Not that GORE sells, or anything. But if you’re curious– it’s a cheap thrill.

Just be aware of the extreme gore. I mean… whew. I dunno. Sicko wrote this stuff…

1 Reply to “Episode 6: A Walk in the Rain”

  1. Really like “dried on his brainstem.”

    While having a nice trip once, I dreamed I was a Black Panther. powerful, moving through the house, seeing the sleeping people in the house, like a cutaway doll house, then I saw the Panther, felt its effortless fluid power looking for me. When I woke up, the house cat was on my chest, with folded paws, purring and looking into my eyes.
    I have a black original full blood Kelpie now. He’s on his bed napping, Have to go easy now cause he has a painful soft tissue injury. We are in love of course.

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