Five Coats: Hellcat Part 6


After five coats of paint, we’re getting close to something that looks good.  I think a sixth coat is required and I’ll add that after this gets a chance to cure for a day. I’d like to point out that the idea that five coats of paint will fill all panel lines and leave you with an unrecognizable blob is misguided.


However, All that paint slinging means that touch-ups will be needed.


As I mentioned before, you can’t put flat paint over gloss. So I’ll be using the clear flat on the gloss white to make it possible to paint over it. Then the touch-ups will be done, then the stippling will be done, and the demarcation between the white and blue should be particularly challenging.


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  1. So far, so good. It will be interesting to see how you clean up the demarcation line without the masking, and stipple that typical fading edge of that colour scheme in the upper/lower blues.

    I made a small attempt yesterday with my only tamiya gloss, X-1 gloss black that I bought by accident some time ago…and it works! The brush glided across the surface, depositing the paint as it went, and then the acrylic gently levelled out. I admit I wondered about the blue dye in the windex, but nothing remained of after mixing. It has two coats now, and I applied the second coat exactly like the first, just gliding over the surface and depositing the coat. It gleams now, but I will wait for it to cure before I declare victory.

    Going to break out a few matts and see how the leveling works with the windex on those.

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