Frosty, the Matte Varnish

I almost bought a bottle of Golden Acrylic Matte Varnish today, just to prove that I’m a man.

So, we’ll just have to pretend that I have some.

Here’s the deal. I’m always encountering a forum poster who is crying loudly about his matte varnish drying to a frosty froth. Not clear. Frosty.

Now, on the bottle of Golden’s Acrylic Matte Varnish it clearly states that the stuff should be applied only to a surface that has “prepped” with their gloss varnish, otherwise “the danger of frosting will increase.”

So. Could it be that applying a matte “varnish” (aka clear coat) to anything but a glossy surface can result in frosting???



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  1. Hmmmm; haven’t tried that one though usually I’m just using a run of the mill no brand clear varnish without any frosting – and then I like cake so I’d like some frosting… 😀
    Seriously I’ve used Vallejo and Model Master matte varnish on the no brand stuff without any frosting.
    Lately I’ve switched to Model Master Clear varnish because I got it cheap in the local model shop (as local as it gets – Stoppel in Copenhagen which I live 60km’s away from..)
    Applying matte coat on no clear varnish i.e. just paint – tried it too still no frosting… have to ask the missus to bake some cake.. 😀

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