Furry, Fluffy, Poofy

I’m just gonna write this blog entry because I just ain’t got no sense.

I was watching this video

and at about 15:35 we hear that the sable brush is “poofy” (and furry and fluffy) and this means that it will HOLD THE PAINT so that the wash doesn’t just drip out of the brush.

Uh ha.


Now I see it.

I use “natural” sable or, if you want to speak Revell and you’re cool– Rotmarder–



Apparently, the poor innocent little Rotmarders are being brutally SLAUGHTERED (or they were) and so the import of Kolinsky Red Sable brushes is illegal in the U.S.A

let’s hear it:


Okay. Okay. Calm down.

The point of this blog post is that my brushes, apparently obtained with bloodstains from unfortunate weasels, ARE FURRY, FLUFFY, and POOFY. No, that’s not their names. The unbearably cute weasels. They’re not named Fluffy, Poofy and Furry. That’s the BRUSHES! The BRUSHES have those qualities.

So, if I can PLEASE restore some sanity here!

My painting technique (which I did not invent) depends on a small sable brush filled with very thin paint. The sable brush is critical to the whole thing because only a natural sable brush allows enough paint to “hang” inside the brush until it flows out onto the model’s surface when the tip of the brush is touched to the model.

Oh, who cares!?!?



Ohmygod. Furry was taken by The Trappers. They’ll make her (what?) into a paintbrush so fat Americans can play with toy airplanes.

Poor little Furry!! WHERE IS GOD????

3 Replies to “Furry, Fluffy, Poofy”

  1. Now keep calm – and continue painting (with the sable/redmarder/whatever brush) and remember we are a microscopic minority using that stuff in relation to wanna-be and artists!

  2. Have you tried any of the Revell sable/marten brushes?.
    Do you recommend a brand of brush? Or a band of brothers?

    1. I’ve been meaning to do a post about brushes but how can I find the time between watching my shows and taking Freckles out?

      In the meantime, I’ll say that I really like Revell’s brushes. The cheap-looking ones with the red handles. I bought some of the contraband weasel-unfriendly kind on eBay and although I understand (now) what the “red sable” is supposed to be, I don’t personally need that “springy” hair. I prefer a brush that’s built for comfort, not for speed. Cheap camel hair is actually BETTER for my methods. So that’s a win/win. Also cheaper. It’s time I just admitted it. My favorite brushes are those that I bought in large, cheap bags at Michael’s made from “whatever” (squirrel?) in China and India. These cheap brushes fill my needs.

      So… in addition to being a weird agent of the NWO who won’t allow a man to spray his airbrush around, I also disagree with the adage: “You get what you pay for.” In my case, the opposite is true.

      One of my first videos will be about this. I’m in the planning stage now, but a “respectable” Youtube channel is on the list of things to do, assuming that St. Peter don’t take me up to Heaven…

      Swing low…sweet chair–iot.

      The Ronco Chair-Iot!! Don’t waste time and money on expensive recliners!! Get the Chair-Iot and ROCK your troubles away!! (Not available in Canada and Vermont).

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