Golden Fluid Acrylics

I’ve mentioned Golden several times because they make high quality artists’ supplies and, in general, I’m trying to promote the idea that plastic model kit builders should learn more about art supplies instead of being perpetually in the thrall of “hobby” products.

So, of course, I had to review their fluid acrylic paint, because it resembles other paints that I use and I thought it might be applicable to plastic kits.

But that was wrong. Golden’s product could be used, in a very, very tight pinch (like being stranded in a hotel in some country with no electricity when a civil war breaks out or something). But really, it just isn’t very good for what I do. Golden came at the problem of “how to create a liquid acrylic paint” from a totally different universe than the one I live in–and it shows.

Unlike the airbrush-only Mission Models paint which failed to cover adequately and was difficult to mix, Golden was easy to mix and covered in one coat. The stuff has TONS of pigment and can be thinned and it still covers well. But the problem was brush strokes. I truly believe that this isn’t even a problem on Golden’s planet. But on my planet it’s a deal-killer.

I suppose, to be really fair, I could buy the approved “media” for both MMP and Golden and mix them to specs and try brushing the resultant concoction–but why? Again, it’s not an “out of the bottle” solution when competing products can do just that.

Beautiful paint that's bad for plastic models.
  • Self Leveling
  • Need for Additives
  • Coverage
  • Proper Drying Time
  • Compatibility
  • Stippling
  • Fingerprinting
  • Adhesion
  • Line Drawing
  • Color Selection
  • Smell
  • Price

Difficult to review, but bad.

This paint is a wonderful example of a product that is excellent in every way– but it won’t work for painting plastic model airplanes. So it’s a fail. 

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