Golden Hard Molding Paste

I said I would (eventually) acquire a tub of this acrylic putty and report on it. I was hoping that the word “hard” meant “hard” like auto-body putty (Bondo) or regular model kit putty (Green Stuff?) but “hard” in this case means hard like a bar of soap or hard rubber. It’s possible to sand and file it, but you’ll never get a “mirror” finish on it. It’s a different type of material.

Not that hard.

In truth, it’s not that different from the regular “Golden Molding Paste” that I had when I bought this for comparison. Now I have what is basically two tubs of the very similar stuff. It may be harder than the other paste, but it’s not that much harder.

So it’s not a filler putty that you can use the same way you could use Squadron Green Putty. It is possible to sand and file it, but it’s still going to be like soap or hard rubber.

Buttery smooth.

The beauty of this product is that you can smear it on, smooth it with your finger, and then paint it. In less time that it took me to say it, you can fill a seam and cover it with acrylic paint. You can mix it with acrylic paint. You can mix it with paint and use THAT for smoothing a seam or adding in a fillet or whatever.

Just like avocado on toast.

The idea of smoothing and painting in the same operation appeals me. I don’t enjoy sanding and this is one way to fill seams without sanding and so it is a good thing. Sanding–who needs it?

4 Replies to “Golden Hard Molding Paste”

  1. Thanks for the review. 🙂
    Mixing with paint and then fill- wow have to try that one out. Did you try that with the regular Golden?
    I’m using the regular stuff and very pleased with how it works.

  2. Can it be used on other types of materials, such as wood or ceramic? I’m looking forward to trying it. Thanks!

    1. The above comment was not made by me, although it certainly looks as if I did it. Wow. I have to assume that there was some kind of glitch in the comments software and this was the result. How bizarre. I’m really getting too old for this nonsense. Anyway, let me answer my other personality. Yes, you can use it on a wide variety of materials, including wood and ceramic.

      Now I’ve told me what I wanted to know. But what i really want to know is why and how somebody might try to do this??? Is this some kind of hack?????

      Probably just a bug.

      1. Doh. A “family member” posted the mysterious comment using the other computer, where I had (foolishly) never logged out. Emergency over. Nothing to see here.

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