Golden SoFlat on an Italeri Kfir

I’m not going to have a lot of fun doing this Youtube channel as long as I’m struggling to find a replacement for the brand of paint that was yanked off the market just as I started the channel.

So… no more struggling. The official “replacement” for Pollyscale/MM Acryl is Golden SoFlat and this is really an easy decision. Other paints may be good, but this stuff comes to us from a distant planet in the far future.

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  1. I too miss the Testors MM acrylics but they still sell acrylic paint. Personally, I use all Testors for the nostalgia even though I know Testors is now owned by RPM. When we first stared modeling building in the 70’s Testors did only had a dozen or so flat enamel paints. Most of us learned to mix colors. If I am home, I still use their enamel paints in the square bottles, best paint ever but it is enamel. I love the smell of their paint and the thinner in the small bottles, also the smell of the orange tube glue. With that being said, I travel a lot and stay in hotels so I cannot bring my enamels with me. I do bring the Testors acrylic paints and Testors non toxic glue. There are some colors that are not sold in the acrylic paint set, so I buy Testors craft paints for brown, flat red, flat yellow, flat blue. These paints are pretty good and I barely thin them with distilled water, there are a lot of colors.

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