Just in case you have NO idea what the hell “Gunpla” is (like me) you can watch this great video on the subject and learn all:

Spelled GUNPLA bitches.

It’s Weird Japan Week and we’re ready for some hot and tasty plastic Gundam action!

No, seriously. I had no idea what this was until yesterday, when I watched the above video from our friends at Crunchyroll (I have no idea what that is, either). But I did know that SOMETHING was up because more than half of the shelf-space dedicated to plastic model kits at one of the two remaining local hobby stores has been given over to these things.

It’s a phenomenon, I guess.

It’s easy to see why. Only our British friends still think that a Spitfire that you glue together is an acceptable child’s toy. In Japan, if you’re old enough to avoid swallowing the parts you’re old enough to know that the coolest thing in the world is ANIME and the best part of that may be GUNDAM– a truly inspired world created by Bandai (who used to make scale model kits) and which tanks up near-on about a hundred million U.S. per annum for the cash vaults at the now ridiculously successful Bandai.

So there ya’ go.

The future of plastic model kits is right there. In years to come, we’ll see this fusion of Lego and, um, whatever become even larger and more freaky. The old-fashioned 1/72 scale kit of the Memphis Belle will seem as quaint as a ukulele and a raccoon coat.

Gunpla. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Visit this site:

The From Japan Blog: Painting Gundam Models

That’s where I stole this image.

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  1. I know a few on the fringe around here (Denmark) know of this and build.. All the best to those guys and gals.
    Kids don’t – kids don’t buildt ANY plastic kits. Except perhaps warhammer.. Old guys like me do. Those who were kids when the personal computer hadn’t been invented or become affordable yet.
    Gundam huh!

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