I Can’t Believe These Aren’t Selling

There are a bunch of these prints on eBay and they are not selling.



Somebody got a bunch of these when Revell/Monogram went out of business and now they are trying to sell them.


I know.

I know.

“They’re just some old prints! So what? Dime a’dozen!”

No. The sellers are doing a bad job. These are the ACTUAL prints that hung on the wall at Revell/Monogram. Not just “prints” but the proofs that were framed and used for ads/promotions/box art.

Somehow the sellers do not know what they have and they do not know who wants to buy this stuff. It’s a real failure of the capitalist system– and as we all know, when the capitalist system fails, opportunity comes knocking for any poor, desperate boy living in the streets of the lower east side and scrambling for any scraps left in the gutter for…

Where was I?

Yeah, these are really groovy items. Bad selling means that some of these have been on eBay for months. Check ’em out. There are MANY.

Click here to visit groovy print land. 


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