I WAS WRONG! Color Theory, Again

I hate people.

No really. People are just terrible, nasty, dangly-bits-biting, coral-reef-inhabiting nightmare creatures.

Best photo I could find of a Moray eel.

Here is a video that you should watch and learn from:

I stated, in an earlier post, that red and blue make purple.

Drop some red in some blue and make a “pure” purple.

This is NOT true. The above video by the red-hair girl ‘splains why.

The thing is, the paint “companies” are not your friends. Testors, Humbrol, Vallejo. They are not going to teach you to fish so that you can eat forever. They are going to sell you a fish each day until you go so heavily into debt that you end up hanging yourself.

From Red Hair we can gather the information that this problem is much larger than just an impediment to eager young geeks who happen to want to build models. It’s, uh, bigger than that.

Grade schools are not your friends. The media are not your friends. Godzilla, the only friend left to the millions of about-to-become shut-ins (as in hikikomori but easier to f*cking spell) IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.

The (somewhat) ranty video from Red Hair might scare you a bit, but it would be scarier to find out that blue and red do not make purple without any adults nearby to take your hand and lead you back to safety. If you want to paint models and feel the need for paint mixing, then you can use red and blue and yellow and black and white, and you can get good results, most of the time.

But you never really know what’s going to happen until the rubber meets the road. Like modern medicine, the results speak for themselves. Especially if the patients have lost the power of speech due to unanticipated side-effects. So buckle up and start mixing, but now, you are armed with more and better information.

And information is good.

2 Replies to “I WAS WRONG! Color Theory, Again”

  1. Great explanation. Even educational… even for a guy who has spent a near lifetime dealing with color in motion picture film, professional video, film and digital still photography, photoshop, and has owned 5 digital photo printers and five digital still cameras… I found this gal to be refreshing, truthful, educational and comprehensive enough for ordinary reality, that she is right that should be taught in grade school, it’s not that hard in reality. There’s a surprising lot of photographers that can’t tell you what the CMYK colors are .. don’t forget K.

    1. Blue?
      Yes Miss Bannister.
      You’re Cyan now.
      Oh boy!
      Yes Miss Bannister.
      You’re Magenta now.
      Thank you Miss Bannister (sticks tongue out at Yellow).
      Yes Miss Bannister?
      You’re K now!
      All right!
      Yellow: What about me?
      Miss Bannister: What about you?
      Yellow: Uh. What am I?
      Miss Bannister: You’re Yellow, of course.
      Yellow goes off to little girls room to cry.

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