Invention and Innovation

I’ve been thinking about Vallejo’s Model Air paint and pondering its use– since the rumors of the death of Testors just roll on and on and Vallejo’s paint is available in most big cities. Here’s the deal– it seems to dry a bit slower than MM Acryl or Tamiya, and this is a very good thing. It doesn’t “self level” like the other paints, but if you put some ammonia window cleaner (Windex) in there it seems to be usable.

So I could, if I had to, learn to use this paint. All the Badger Model Flex and Revell Aqua in the world would have to disappear (unlikely but possible). But the real test would be how successful I was at inventing a way to use it. It’s apparent that, for stippling, the Vallejo is superior. However, for other things, it has some “issues.” These issues (poor coverage and brush marks) are not as bad as, say, Humbrol Arcylic, but they need to be addressed.

So what am I saying? Is Model Air good or bad?

It’s good.

It’s bad.

The question can’t be answered because the meaning of the question is all f’d up. Un-ask it. You can’t determine if Vallejo Model Air paint is “good” or “bad” for brushing. I can’t, anyway. All I can do is develop some new skills, techniques, and technologies that might make it better until it becomes my go-to paint of choice. I would have to work with it for a few months, or years, to find out if it’s really usable or not.

That process– that two-or-three-year commitment, is what this is all about. This is about growing and learning and developing. The journey IS the destination.

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  1. I have had good success with Model Air. Painted a Japanese Zero in green with model air colors for JPI. Very easy to use.

  2. Hi,

    I have been handbrushing Tamiya acrylics straight out of the jar for years and get excellent results. Also highly recommend Hataka Blue line paints. Check my Instagram @Model_ig_uk ?

    1. Outstanding. This, gentlemen, is the kind of comment we want to see. Direct and to-the-point. Agrees with ME (important!) and links to a page with hashtag for brush painting, aka


      Now let’s get out there and spread the handbrushing religion and death to infidels (if that isn’t coming on too strong).

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