Lion Squadron: The Air Pirates of Africa

Episode 1: The Men of Steel

Yeah, that’s right, my story about heroic flyers defending liberty while YOUR lazy great-grandparents waited for Pearl Harbor or something… well, yeah.

I just PUBLISHED the first episode of my bareknuckle fiction (make up my own genre? hell yeah!) novel. Check it out IT’S FREE!

Click here to fly with the Lions in their next stunning adventure!

But seriously, folks…

Amazon Kindle Vella is in what I would call “late beta” status. It’s rough, and not easy to find what you want, and it’s confusing. But here’s the deal: if you read my story and click on “like” and click on “follow” and then buy some tokens (it’s 1.99 American money… I MEAN COME ON!) you get to put a “fave” on my story and if we all work together, the same way we worked together to defeat Hitler or to get lots of views on that video last week (I’m sure you ALL watched that video more than once) then I… erm, I mean YOU will be forever happy and comfortable and your underwear will not bind, which WILL happen if you fail to do this, and if you do fail to do it, and the underwear starts to bind, you can reverse the curse by putting a big “fave” on my story. It may not work right away but eventually it will, trust me.

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