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This blog is schedule to become a kind of “archive” as I move along into yet another hobby. My new hobby will be writing slam blam action novels about WWII (or thereabouts) aviation with brave fliers shooting down badguys and so on. I’ll try to keep it light on the mush and heavy on the heroics.

If you have any requests, in the form of “I’d like to see a novel about thus and so” please add a comment. Because I’ve never read a war comic, feel free to suggest things stolen from them. I’ll never know!

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  1. Sounds good to me though its such a long time since I read such I’m not able to fuel much request..
    But do go on and if possible present models of the Hero’s and Villain’s of the stories 😀

  2. Good for you. You are a very good wordsmith.

    So, I’ve always been fascinated by USAAF efforts in the first months of WW2, In the Phiilpines and
    do you know about the B-17 missions, whereby they flew to secret Dutch fields to hide out during the day and fly back to bomb at the crack of dawn then run back to those fields.??

    1. No I did not know about that but it’s very cool information. Are you familiar with the novels of Tom Burkhalter? He specializes in that period of The War.

  3. I humbly request a short story about a man who uses a brush to paint scale models. In this story he makes a quick video showing how he brushes on Future, because even though he’s written about it in the past, some things just don’t “click” until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. I think this would make a wonderful short story.

    Also, is there a big difference between the setting time of Micro-Weld and Tamiya cement? I’m interested in moving away from the toxic stuff, but I need something with a bit of leeway so I can get arms and weapons on minis aligned in just the way I want them after cement application.

    1. I feel your pain. I wanted, SO MUCH, to lead the world into the bright, wild-flower meadows of brushpainting joy that it was quite a shock when I realized that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I’ve done the “ten thousand hours” and I’m good at this. Teaching it IS possible, but it would become a full time job and I don’t want a full time job that does not pay ANYTHING. I set this site up the way that it is because I was ignorant. I thought it would be EASY to do this, but it is anything BUT easy. Videos require time, money, effort, and so on. Everything is much harder than it looks. I really admire Youtubers who get in there and do the hard work to entertain slobs like me.

      Now that I know that this is NOT easy, I’m not that into it.

      By the way, Micro-Weld is a SLOW acting solvent on polystyrene. Tamiya, from what I’m told, is either fast or super fast if you buy the “fast” kind. When I watch modelers build stuff on Youtube and use “fast” cement, I’m just reminded, once again, that I’m on Venus and they’re on Uranus. Never the twain shall meet.

      1. I understand, I guess I will have to get off my lazy ass and try things out for myself (the horror!!) based on what you have already written. I’ll just have to sacrifice some precious pieces of plasticard on the altar of the hobby god and I’m sure my wallet will remember it until the end of time.

        Seriously though, I’m glad you wrote what you did when you still had the inclination to do so. I’m just getting into miniature painting and I wasn’t happy with many of the tutorials online that require 40,000 different pots from Games Workshop to paint a single space knight, so old blog posts like the one you did on mixing black, white, red, and yellow to get WW2 shades were extremely helpful in figuring out how I want to approach this thing. Currently I’m in the process of figuring out my finish chain (another excellent series of blog posts!) so I’m still very much in the massive enthusiasm phase.

        Anyway, thank you very much for your past hobby blogging, Dan. Just wanted to let you know it’s still helping out at least one stubborn git in some far corner of the Internet who hates breathing in nasty things and refuses to use an airbrush.

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