Just a brief entry about the Revell 1/72 MiG-21 kit. After this, I’ll cover the Hasegawa F11F tribulation and we’ll be all caught up on my personal stations of the cross.

It’s funny that for quite a while I made model after model–forcing myself to do so under pain of psychic meltdown–and finding the experiences to be less than satisfying. This list of builds seems to be laced with an unfortunate amount of negativity because that’s how it felt at the time.

I just wasn’t into it, I guess.

Recently, this seems to have abated, somewhat, but I’m learning a lesson, for the one-millionth time, that can never be repeated too often.

It’s a hobby. It’s all about the fun. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, as far as model-building goes. Whatever is made out of a sense of obligation (to a forum, blog or other “institution”) or desperation (the need to relax or “unwind” or any of that other stuff–you know–THERAPY) will suck.

Here’s a photo of one of the most disappointing kits I have ever built.

Comrade Pushkin! Balls out! Balls out!

It wasn’t a bad kit, exactly. It just didn’t sit right with me. Like the Eduard Hellcat, it featured a thousand ways to go wrong and only one way to go right and I’m not likely to hit that particular way when I roll them bones.

Plus, the fit is not nearly as good as the Eduard Hellcat. Not nearly.

And the instructions, incredibly, are worse than the Czech’s.

Whazzup with that?

I never did figure out what the main gear was supposed to look like until I did some digging on the interwebs and IS THIS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO?

Anyhow (or anyways or anyway, however you say it your part of the Russian Confederation) this “kit of my dreams” (yes, I dreamt of a “world class” MiG like this) was not so much.

Now, Eduard has galoompfed into the picture with their MiG’s and I’m just going to build some Fujimi MiG’s.

Looks better in the photos…

I promise to stop this non-stop bitch fest as soon as I cover the ulitmate trial by fire–the evil spirit possessed Hase Tiger.

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  1. Modelbuilding should be for relaxation. Tried at sometime to do a model in preparation for an exibition – just didn’t work out. Had to get something not shown before from the back of the shelf. 😀
    It just doesn’t work for me any other way. At times it isn’t worth seating at the build table just to look things over and then abandon it for some other pastime. Though that MUST be done. 😉
    Sorry to hear about the state of the Revell MiG-21F13; have for some time considered to get it if at the right price (cheapo!) but haven’t happened yet. Might not.
    Does have the Hase F11F-1 which is to be a what-if project; was presented to the Danish Airforce at some time along the F-104 which became the new fighter. 1967 it was. As the projected F11F-1F; did I miss a 1? 😀
    Anyways looking forward to that build hereabouts. 🙂

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