Red, White, and Blue

I changed the appearance of this blog by just clicking on a new “theme.” The result is very jazzy, I think. This radical change reflects my mood. I’m pondering whether to remain in the blogging business.

First off, it’s a lousy business. Actually, it’s not a business at all. It’s a hobby. So, like plastic model kits, it can be replaced. It should only be around as long as it’s fun. No longer. I may shut down the blog and do something else I’ve never done, like bass fishing.

I didn’t mean, in my earlier entry, that anyone should take up bass fishing having had no previous interest in fishing. But if you’re like me, and a terrible fishing snob (i.e. trout fishing with flies) you may wish to consider the manly art of bass fishing in order to shake things up.

My model railroad is progressing nicely… but it’s not some kind of permanent addition to our planet. It’s temporary, just like everything else. The key to a positive mental state is the ability to remain calm, centered, and optimistic. Any time you enter a dangerous situation where you are not calm, centered and optimistic, you are likely to get your ass kicked. But maintaining a calm, centered and optimistic mental state requires the ability to avoid becoming mired in old habits. Hence my recommendations that plastic model kit builders try electric trains or trout snobs cast a few jigs for lunkers.

Whatever you do, and however you do it, don’t get stuck. You need to practice the art of un-sticking yourself in order to prepare for death. After you die, you’ll need to remain calm, centered and optimistic in order to avoid being caught up in a bardo state that will interfere with your rebirth.

Too much information?

Bass fishing. If you’re bored with salmonids, try the blue-collar alternative.

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