Risk Aversion

Just a brief update.

I’m doing a project which may fail. I could end up with a lot of garbage instead of something worthwhile.

But that is the point. We get stuck in some kind of self-defeating loop when we refuse to learn new things because we might mess it up. You have to take chances to learn something knew. Progress does not come without failing, getting up, and doing it again. The “perfectionism” displayed in a lot of “hobby” forums drove me away from forums and drove me away from plastic model kits and toward something new and dangerous.

Failure is an option. It should be an option. If there is no possibility of failure, you’re not trying.

4 Replies to “Risk Aversion”

  1. Looking forward to your further adventures in the world of model trains Dan. I too have recently dipped back into the hobby with the purchase of some Japanese Z scale trains.

  2. Yessir, risk aversion is whyhowcome I have spent a reedikulus amount of time on the net looking for better paints, airbrushes, glues, glop, tekniks etc etc. Have no fear the guru said, yer can use this here miracle primer with small nozzle, so I did and rekked the seals in my brush, the nozzle, and shiny new needle.
    Anyways Dan the writer, I just finished 800 page novel ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts. In which the increasing complexity of life, the universe, God , leads to perfection. Roberts is an amazing writer, my new favorite after Bradbury.

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