Snakes on a Plane

I was watching a BBC documentary about French comic book artist Moebius.

Write a caption or die.

I was reminded of what a bunch of pigs we Americans are. Which reminded me of snakes on a plane.

The Revell Stuka of my mis-spent youth. That was another masterpiece of Jack Leynnwood masterpiecin’ of all time. It sang. It danced. It was the reason I got into archeology in the first place.

Thanks to my friends at the Boxart Den whether they like it or not.

Look at that. Will you look at that?

Now, we have the new Airfix Stuka, circa 2018. Oh brave new world that has such models in it.

No snake. Sad face.

Here’s the deal. Some assholes at places like Hyperscale and Britmodeller talked the whole idea of the snake to death, then they put it in their pest holes and chewed it until they had sucked all of the life out of it, and then they spit it back out, and the result was the lifeless snake that is included with the Airfix kit. Dull and tan and thin and lifeless, the snake from Ipanema goes walking, and when it’s walking, each time it’s walking, I go “eww.”

I liked this kit quite a lot. I don’t blame Airfix for the problem. But the gang of helpful idiots who try so darn hard to make it real just don’t understand that damn Leynnwood painting, and that red snake.

I should have put a red snake on it. Seriously. I have a red snake decal. Really. But I copped-out and now when I look at this model I feel sad.

3 Replies to “Snakes on a Plane”

  1. I get you on this. The red snake might be wrong (or maybe it’s not), but it is how I remember the snake stuka from childhood, so goddammit, im going to find some red snake decals for mine!!

    And speaking of helpful idiots, what oaf at Airfix central designed that opened canopy. I’ve just about had it with airfix

  2. Yeah, a brown snake is just hiding in the weeds, not terrorizing enemies of the Der Reich.
    My age… I had a Lindberg Stuka when they first appeared. My knowledge of Stukas came from WW2 film clips often narrated by Walter Cronkite et al. I thought it was a cool airplane/kit, still do, I’m gonna get me one of the re-issues, only think I’ll do different is to replace that horrible Lewis gun with an MG-15. Perhaps a Red snake??

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