So Many Questions…

…and no answers. I’ve been busy.

I have a list of things to blog about, now that I’m back at it. I’ve built several models. Wrote a novel. Other stuff.

I want to post the novel on this website so y’all can download it and read it, if you want to. Mostly, I just want to prove that I did TOO write a novel and it wasn’t just in my imagination like The Hickory People or their friends the albino apes.

I’ll be posting at least once a week. I’ll be experimenting with new things just like always do. I bought some Mission Models paint and I’ll be providing a review.

Finally, I just want to say how much I appreciate the support I receive from my fans. All three of you guys are great. Now send some money.

5 Replies to “So Many Questions…”

  1. Umm, I’ve got a free cheeseburger at Arbys coupon, would that count as money? No, wait its expired…

  2. Welcome back to my anything-but-humble blog. All coupons are accepted! I also accept S&H Green Stamps.

  3. Good to see you back Dan. Looking forward to more of your prognostications and Cogitation. Oh, and the Mission Models findings. Can’t wait to read that romance novel you completed too. Gonna be great…

  4. Aye, ’tis good to be back! My goal will be to lower the volume of the crazy speaker and crank up the level of appropriate and reasonable. Unfortunately, I feel like I have a tear in my mental woofer cone, so I’m not sure how good this will sound after I mod it.

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