Stoppel Decals

I buy old decals on eBay from time to time, if they aren’t yellowed and from a respectable maker like Authenticals or Stoppel. Here are two sheets from Stoppel. They must be several decades old.

Stoppel was famous (back in the nineteen-seventies) for not having any clear decal material that had to be trimmed away. One less thing to worry about–and no yellowing or silvering possible. I haven’t tested these yet, but I they look very good. I’ve bought some old ABT decals in the past. Some of them good, some of them had “stiffened” over time so as to be unusable.

It’s always nice to have some “peculiar” national markings “just in case.” It’s also nice to have some Japanese hinomaru’s (meatballs) in a color that’s found in nature. For years, “the experts” told us to get rid of the bright red hinomaru’s included with Japanese model kits. Then something changed and the bright red hinomaru’s reappeared and got brighter and brighter.

I’ll never understand the group mind.

I was doing some research and development work. I was experimenting with Badger’s Model Flex yellow and Conrail blue. Also experimented with Vallejo Metal Color.

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  1. If you need any assistance with Japanese markings or colours Dan, I am sure Mr. Millman could help you out. He has a thoroughly researched book you can buy direct from him. All of the secrets of the experten can be yours.

    That blue looks like it has gone down incredibly, perfect finish. Silver looks nice too. Now, how many coats did that yellow require? The revell is ok as yellows go, but I still use the almost depleted square jar I have of Testors enamel gloss yellow from the 70s to do yellow lines, etc. So looking for a replacement.

    About those decals, have you used any before? do they go on well? If so, you have to wonder why everyone didn’t start making them with the same method.

    1. I cheated on the yellow and used MM Acryl insignia yellow after one coat of Badger Model Flex. That’s three coats on there. I’ve never used Stoppel decals. I’ll have to work up some kind of experiment to see if they work at all. I just couldn’t pass them up for the price. If they work, it’s another source for red hinomarus now that we’ve entered the age of day-glo hinomarus. Not sure what’s driving this. In this case, I don’t think I can blame Mr. Millman. For a yellow line, I’d be inclined to paint Tamiya Gloss Yellow on some decal and cut it with a straight-edge to make a stripe. Or I’d use that yellow decal film I acquired somewhere.

  2. I haven’t tried Stoppel’s old decals – that was in my teens I guess when slapping things together was enough! 😀
    Today the man makes fine decals; roundels usually without visible carrier film though the lettering/numbers and flags may have some.

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