The Book is Finished

Those of you who refused to read an “unfinished” work may now commence to readin’. The damn thing is done. I, personally, am sick and tired of stories that end in car chases or similar stupidity so my Vella novel did not end with an exciting chase. It is done, though, and you can read it without fear that I’ll just drop it and leave it for you to straighten out.

I have about one and a half novels sitting around that could be uploaded to Kindle Vella. That I wrote. That’s what I’m saying. I wrote them. I also have a “monster” that is 100,000 words of going-nowhere that could be posted but I’m not going to do that because I don’t do stuff like that. It would be interesting to post GRRR on there. Yeah, that would be interesting.

Now here’s the deal. I can’t give you headphones or anything like most crooks, but I can tell you that if you have anything other than Kool-Aid running in your veins, you will get off your ass and write a review of Lion Squadron, once you read it and decide whether it’s lousy or not.

I ask for so little…

…time to set up a Patreon account. Give a dollar a month! Just a dollar a month to send this homeless little girl to school and buy her lunch and a pair of shoes that don’t have holes!

Better yet, send the money to some actual little girl and just give me a review.

Lazy bastards.

P.S. There is no actual Olive Garden gift card.

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