The Paint Thickens…

Hi friends.

During my obsessive wandering about the internet, I visit our friends over at Hyperscale Forums from time to time, just to make sure that I have the latest information for y’all.

I don’t do this because of my freaky need to self-torture by reading bullshit. Oh no.

No, seriously. I don’t.

C’mon fellas!

Anyway, I stumbled across a thread that was, apparently (according to modern measurement equipment calibrated just last month in Germany) not bullshit. Here’s a link:

Intermixing Various Brands of Acrylic Lacquer Paint

The thing that popped out at me was the mention of mixing Mr. Hobby H with Testors Model Master Acryl.

This strongly implied that Mr. Hobby H is one of the Holy Grails– an ammonia paint, with all that should imply. It’s from a company that is well known among the lung-burning set, and they do love Gunze Sangyo (now having upgraded their name to the zippy GSI Creos…).

Can it be true that “GSI Creos” (jeezus–if you’re gonna change your name, make it “Lightmaster” or “Starworks” or “Blaze Atomic” or something) is making some paint that might actually be usuable by God’s chosen painters?

That’s us. That’s us man. Pay attention.

Can it be true that this paint will be readily available and will fill the hobby shop shelves (three times fast) so that we can all stop worrying about the Russian Army blowing up our paint?

Well, maybe not.

But still, this is good news. And just think, I owe my finding out about this useful brushpainting advancement to Hyperscale and somebody wanting to split off the boring brushpainting stuff into another thread so facts don’t slow down their human sacrifice ceremony as they figure out new ways to put toluene into the air.

Damn, this is making me hungry!

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