The Revolution Continues

Another excellent video for your viewing pleasure.

We’re all feeling some “current events” fatigue right now– and one way to restore a sliver of mental health is to jump FAR FAR outside of your comfort zone and land straight down with both boots on top of the scary and un-likeable thing called “NEW INFORMATION.”

It’s called learning, airman. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

So I got to gets me summa dat Golden So Flat and try it out. I reviewed Golden’s “liquid acrylic paint” and it flopped– but this “So Flat” stuff sounds like the biscuit. In the mean time, allow me to wax philosophical for a moment HEY– GODDAMIT DON’T YOU DARE HIT THE BACK BUTTON! I’M TALKIN’ TO YOU!!!

Finding this whole “Warhammer” universe that grew up under the old outhouse siding over the winter was something that I really, really needed. The Great Collapse wasn’t just healthcare and world peace. No, model painting, for me, also collapsed.

The horror.

But here I find that a lost tribe of nerds has been busy hacking unexplored territory over yon hills. I can cuddle up with my Youtube buddies for a long winter’s nap, blissfully secure in the understanding that the humble hair stick will NOT DIE THIS DAY!

We all come to brushpainting with our own personal reasons for making the difficult journey across the desert of mean-ass forums, to leave the Citadel of Airpainting behind and seek the promised land of fruits and nuts– teaming with rare and exceptional life-forms such as the lover of dragon miniatures and the painter of space-epic landscapes.

But in the end, what we seek is a safe and friendly place where one may send an army of cruelly deformed monsters to rip and shred an equally tragic foe made up of body parts of dead warriors, sewn together and reanimated by an evil sorcerer, and feel the warm glow of friendship and the even warmer glow achieved after a third bottle of Old Barnacle Piss Pale Ale.

A hint of raspberry in there, I believe…

But seriously, folks.

Ah, Hell, I can’t remember what I was gonna say seriously….

…keep painting.

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