The Right Side of History

My name is Dan. Welcome to my blog. I’m going to be talking about building plastic model kits. That’s my thing. I specialize in building models without the use of spray painting, so I don’t use an airbrush or spray cans. I don’t use paints that are highly toxic like enamels or lacquers. I know that this is not the usual thing, in my hobby.

Just about every book, magazine, Youtube channel, forum or blog out there that has anything to do with building plastic model kits will tell you that in order to build models from plastic kits you need to buy an airbrush and a whole set of expensive, noisy and problematic equipment in order to make something good, and I’m doing this blog in order to counter all that misinformation. You don’t need anything but a brush, the right type of paint, and be willing to do a little work in order to get excellent results, no matter what everybody says. Everybody can be wrong.

I suppose that means I’m going to be lonely for a while. But I’m on the right side of history. Blasting poison into the air is a bad idea. Your family, your friends, your pets and your doctor will thank you for not choosing to use the technological solution.

I know this isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Most of the people who build plastic model kits here in the twenty-first century are old men who like technology. Like me, for instance. I used to use an airbrush. My first instinct was to reach for the technological solution, with the idea that technology would solve the problem. But that’s the old way. The future may, or may not, contain plastic model kit builders. But if it does they are not going to reach for a larger, noisier, costlier tool to hammer the problem into submission. At least, not every time. They may love technology that doesn’t mean they are going to pollute their environment, alienate their family and endanger their health. They, or I should say we, are going to go in a new direction.

So pull up a chair and settle in. I’ll be describing what I do and how I do it. You may pick up a useful tip or two, even if you just can’t let go of that airbrush, just yet.

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  1. All hail, the brush. I once read that ” no technology ever invented has stop from being used.” Or something similar to that.the brush will remain, and it will be around.

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