The Rule of Threes

First of all (and Second of All and Third of all) I would like to say that I’m about done with model-building and painting as a blog subject. I’m saying I’m out. I may, from time to time, as I see fit, administer a blog entry about models, but that day is not this day. Or anytime soon.

So you get a list of some of my favorite bloggers, who have extensive, wacky sites where you may find something of merit.

Of all.

Just an aside… why not add “of all” to every sentence, of all? I mean, EVERYTHING is a part OF ALL so why omit it, when it shows up so self-importantly when that chick who waits tables at the diner is telling you why you can’t park in front of the post office. “First of all, you probably can’t find a place of all. Second of all, your car is too big to fit into one of their spaces of all, and third of all, there’s a law against it of all.”

I invent a new concept, and raise it to the status of a postulate. “Never, of all. None, of all.” Notice how it resembles “none at all.” Why “at all” in some cases and “of all” in others? Zero, of all. Zero at all. First at all, we need to talk.

Here are some of my favorite bloggers. Take care, lest they bite thee!

David K. Smith

I discovered his site while I went through my model railroading period. Mr. Smith is not a happy man. He’s dying of a broken heart, which isn’t all that surprising once you read his autobiography and see just how completely his vision of the world is out of sync with how the world actually operates. Mr. Smith is a lamb in a world ruled by lamb-eating reptile creatures– not lions. Lions may not be cute but they are far, far too nice to represent the scum and villainy that rules this world. If you ever wondered what that guy crouched in the corner in some kind of ruined Mad Max dystopia would say if he had a place to say it– meet David Smith. One of the many…

Marc Perkel

Mark is the kind of guy you’d like to have over to help eat a pizza and bitch about George Bush. His websites now have a freaky “abandoned” quality that I’m not sure is deliberate. Did Marc finally piss off the wrong government agency and end up at the bottom of San Francisco Bay? We may never know. One thing is sure, his many on-line acitivities are fun to read.

Unknown Mage

Somebody, and I guess a smarter person would look it up, made THIS:

The above link provides an “approximation” of the original site, which was full of all sorts of truly subversive stuff, for those of us who hate the evil intelligence that rules this planet, and will one day be destroyed.


So if you need something fun to do, check out the above THREE sites and read about why and how it’s all inside your head.

…or, technically, my head.

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