There’s Gonna Be a Hangin’

More experiments.

I bent the stem wire into an appropriate shape and just pushed it into the drywall. Drywall is very soft and you can just push the wire into it if you grip it with some pliers or your own manly hand.

A little super glue will hold it in place and it supports the model well. I’m thinking that I could push the support wire “further” into the wall so that it doesn’t stick out as far and the wingtip of the model would be closer to the wall. This might look “neater” and provide a little more stability.

I’m proud to say I dropped this toy twice over three feet to a hard floor with no damage. Ready for the five-year-old! It might even last an entire day!

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  1. Keep going with the wire; I’ve tried copper wire/rod in various thinckness as well as welding wire. The first is soft and plastic coated but not very strong/hard so can’t hold much weight. The second is more difficult to bend but still not very strong. I’ll have to keep experimenting.

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