Yes, I’ve been visiting the Hyperscale forums again…

I’ll check myself into the hospital as soon as I’m done reading… hey! Who are these guys in white coats??

I was reading about how the state of California (not my favorite place, but not horrible) has outlawed the kinds solvents that real men use. Toluene. MEK. Alien blood (you know, the kind that eats through titanium).

Wait a minute!– “Alien Blood” would be a good name for a brand of thinners!

Never mind.

Well, of course the Hyperscale crew hate this alot. But the future just keeps rolling on at them, and the people in that state who have some sense decided that even in the home of huge houses with massive backyard sheds and warm weather all year long– you can’t pollute like a rock star and not pay the price.

So the government intervened.

But– do you think that the assembled worthies are changing their tune and going green? Does the fact that YOU CAN’T BUY THE STUFF make them change their evil ways and seek out advice and information from Yours Truly in order to transition to cleaner, greener model building?

Of course not.

I must be the most disliked guru in model-dom. Seriously, I have no interest in promoting my view of the world of plastic gluing because my message does not fly. No traction. I see my ideas show up here and there– but always it is with the “a little birdy told me” kind of citation. Nobody says “this unpleasant old nutcase is hard to take but if you read his blog you’ll learn something.”


I’m persona-non-grata.

And there’s a reason for this. I know I’m nasty and generally not comfy at all. I provide absolutely NONE of the familiar ribbons and bows that are usually glued to plastic kit blogs, for some reason. I’m as unpleasant as they come. If you mention me on a forum, you get a big freeze-out.

So be it.

But I’m making an offer. If anybody wants to learn about guilt-free green model building (as green as possible, given the laws of physics) you can come here incognito and I won’t tell. I’ll protect your privacy as much as I possibly can. Google might mind-rape you and Microsoft will certainly sell your data to Islamic State, but I won’t. All are welcome. All may come here to receive the sweet, sweet nectar of knowledge.

Now I have to post up a chapter of my book.

Fell behind– somehow.

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  1. Your microweld recommendation is great. I still can’t believe how well it works! Don’t know why it isn’t recommended more, never would have heard of it if not for your blog.

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