Verrrry Interrrresting….

WHAT color were those Battle of Britain 109’s???

This little beauty comes from the blog of “Inch High Guy.”

Here’s a link:

Tamiya Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 of Oberleutnant Friedrich-Karl Müller in 1/72 Scale

…Now, ALL I’M SAYIN’ is that it’s not the traditional 02/71/65 — AND — AND — (wait for it) — the “mottling” looks like it was done by applying the LIGHTER color OVER the DARKER ones.


Now friend, I am a proponent of this approach, and the result is here for your inspection. I think this model looks more like a REAL 109 than the vast majority of models. It reproduces the appearance of the actual aircraft.

This image was posted yesterday. I’m hoping this heralds a mysterious sea-change in our understanding of how these aircraft looked — and an end to years of painting models in inaccurate schemes.

And I’ll take any and all credit or apologies if they are offered. Or not. Probably not. Well, at least, they can stop mailing me the pipe bombs…

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      1. Sorry I’ve been physically indisposed for a year . If I can find that model I will send images.
        Thanks, Gene

        And thanks for the new improved Blog. Works really well .

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