Were the Germans Playing “Hide the Trout?”

I was pondering the peculiar paint jobs on Me-110’s in the Luftwaffe during World War II and I thought about how the local German restaurants have this “outdoorsy” quality. Lots of hunting and shooting wild boar and JA! mit der fishery and the catching of the wily trout, which, I think, either lives in German streams or in the streams of Scotland, were all good Germans want to go when they die.

Planes mitt der brownen-spotten.
Fishy mitt der brownen-spotten.

Ah-ha, says I. Now we know what they were up to…

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  1. Ahaa!! Yes, everyone should have a trout stream in Valhalla.

    Meanwhile in Earthly skies… I have lately heard sounds of powerful military jets, F-16 like, but been unable to get a visual on them, not even contrails. I thought something was Fishee. Then.. I spotted an unusual contrail and the vaguest ghostly sihoulette of something I could not identify. So, knowing that F-35’s are now in the area and flying around Camp Douglas North of me I looked up F-35’s stealth technology, specifically visual stealth. And turns out Donald was right in bragging that you can’t see F-35’s. So F-35’s should have a Cuttlefish or Octopi in their Heraldry. DARPA et-al have been diligently and expensively researching / developing coatings that can be controlled to match local environments. I’m speculating that this technology may be one of the factors in F-35 costs, delays and constant massive upgrades in their computer ware, and $25,000 per hour ticket price. I do know that lockheed developed a special “Blue Haze” paint for the foto P-38. It was tricky to apply, and highly toxic. It worked very well at high altitude, but exteremely visible lower down.

    1. But the sound, sir. The sound. You can always send a sound homing missile. One made of LIQUID METAL!! (Yikes! I’ve given away the game… what’s that at my door? The FBI??)

  2. I thought for a moment this post was about a lost Monty Python skit: some combination of The Fish-Slapping Dance and The Funniest Joke in the World that wound up on the cutting room floor and was now found 🙂

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